Alpafill 60 Rib Phantom Jacket - Women

Recycled nylon jacket filled with our Alpafill technology containing 60% alpaca fiber. Lightweight, windproof and versatile for any occasion in the city. The perfect combination of functionality and warmth for the mid-season.

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Join the planet-friendly revolution with our Alpafill technology.

Made with sustainable materials, the exterior of our RIB Jacket is made of recycled nylon and its filling is based on alpaca fiber, a natural, sustainable and Peruvian fiber. Inspired by nature, Alpafill was born as a new insulation technology that takes advantage of the great functional properties of alpaca fiber, such as its breathability and thermoregulation. In addition, the collar and cuffs are made of 70% recycled PET and 30% cotton.

Lightweight, windproof and water repellent, our Alpafill RIB Jacket is the perfect combination of functionality and warmth for the city.


We are transformation and impact on the lives of many communities and our planet.
For each product sold, we donate 2% of our sales to help shelter children in the Peruvian Andes through different organizations. Also, for each product sold, we plant an Andean cedar contributing to reforestation in the Peruvian Andes through the NGO Pachamama Raymi.


- Exterior and lining: 100% recycled nylon.
- Filling: 60% alpaca fiber, 20% recycled polyester and 20% polyester.
- Fabric: 30% cotton and 70% recycled polyester.
- Thermoregulator

Peso promedio: 406 gr.


Machine wash gentle cycle, maximum temperature 30°, do not bleach, suitable for tumble dryer, do not iron. It is recommended to remove stains with a towel with cold water for localized stains. If it is possible to send it to the laundry, if not, try to wash it with very mild detergent. A tennis ball can be included in the washing and drying cycles to help maintain the uniformity of the fiber.